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Ada Jeanne Umugwaneza (dancer)

Excerpt of the report: 

"We learned how to create choreographies and to become excellent interpreters. We also emphasized different traditional dances; I was teaching Rwandan traditional dance.
The highlights for me were the creation processes about how to make my own solo, [as well as] all the courses. These were very important to me because I want to become a choreographer.
I see my future as being a performer, choreographer and teacher. [I intend to] continue to specialize the 2 coming years in the follow up courses in Senegal."

Kigali, Rwanda
Toubab Dialaw, Senegal
Mobility project: 
AMA grantee Ada Jeanne Umugwaneza travelled from Kigali, Rwanda to Toubab Dialaw, Senegal to participate in “Du geste à la danse,” a 2-month series of workshops (April 6-June 13) on traditional and contemporary African dance at the École des Sables. Based in Kigali, Ms. Umugwaneza has been training in traditional Rwandan dances since 2007 and in modern/contemporary dance since 2010. She is currently dancing and teaching with Abatarutwa, one of Kigali’s most famous troupes. For the past two years, she has been participating in contemporary dance workshops organized by MINISPOC and led by renowned choreographers Guy Beaujot and Catherine Massin. “Du geste à la danse. Le danseur interprète” is the first module in a new 3-part professional training program being offered at the École des Sables. Focused on the development of interpretive dancers, the workshops will provide the 20-25 participants (all aged between 18 and 25) with the tools necessary to develop their interpretation, improvisation and choreography skills.
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