Art Moves Africa: the Mobility Fund of Artists & Cultural Operators within Africa

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Ayodele Mutair Ganiu (activist and event manager)

Excerpt of the report: 

The conference programme included 4 keynote addresses, 2 panel discussions and roundtable discussions on 10 thematic areas, including the UNESCO Conventionon the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and its relevance to the African creative economy. From the keynote presentation by Joy Mboya (Executive Director of the GoDown Arts Centre, Kenya), I learnt, for the first time, the extent to which the global economic meltdown had impacted the creative industries. The keynote presentation by Aadel Essaadani (Country Representative of Arterial Network in Morocco) exposed me to the specific contributions by different genres of the African creative economy, while Mike van Graan (Arterial Network Secretary General), in his keynote address, enriched my knowledge of the relationship between culture and development. I was part of a panel on the contribution of the creative economy to African cities and the potentials for an African Creative Cities network. In my presentation, I was able to share statistics of the contributons of the Nigerian film (Nollywood), music and comedy industries to the city of Lagos as well as challenges confronting them.

Lagos, Nigeria
Nairobi, Kenya
Mobility project: 
To participate in the Arterial Network's 3rd Biannual Conference, held in Nairobi from 4 to 7 December. The purpose of the event was to renew the organization's leadership by electing a new continental Steering Committee for the next 2 years,identifying new management strategies for the continental network and enhancing a stronger working relationship with launched National Chapters and leaders across the continent. The Arterial Network hosted its first international conference on creative economy, which provided a theoretical and statistical overview of Arican creative economy as well as a basis for future interventions, advocacy initiatives, as well as identifying and developing African expertise in this area. The first 3 days were devoted to the African creative economy, with participation by all Arterial Network members, partners, international stakeholders, academics and others interested in the subject.
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