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Dovi Afi Anique Ayiboe (Dancer)

Excerpt of the report: 

"The first day of the workshop was a highlight because it allowed me to truly measure and appreciate my dedication as a professional dancer. Every day was a day of discovery (through site visits and cultural outings), exchange and learning, all of which took place in an atmosphere that was at once cheerful, welcoming, and serious. The workshop series was an enriching personal experience. It allowed me to learn the different contemporary and traditional African dance techniques and also to become familiar with dancers and teachers from different backgrounds. Perfecting one's craft necessitates an opening onto the rest of the world."
"My challenge over the 10 weeks was to push my physical and mental limitations back to be able to perfect my previous knowledge by mastering and appropriating technical skills. Attention, concentration and training were my daily tools. My desire to share my country's culture, the necessity of making personal and professional connections, and the necessity of creating cultural bridges between Togo and other African countries confronted me with communal life and values such as respect for others, tolerance of differences and self-mastery."
"Thanks to the lessons I learned and the connections I made with other African dancers, I can now open my work onto new perspectives. My first objective is to share what I learned at the École des Sables through a workshop with other dancers from my country. I am also planning a solo creation and a communal piece with other African dancers whom I met at the workshop, which will allow me to attend national and international festivals."

Lomé, Togo
Toubab Dialaw, Senegal
Mobility project: 
Lomé-based AMA grantee Anique Dovi Afi travelled to Toubab Dialaw, Senegal to participate in “Du geste à la danse,” a 2-month series of workshops (April 6-June 13) on traditional and contemporary African dance at the École des Sables. The 22-year-old Ms. Dovi Afi is a dancer and actor with five years of professional experience. She has been a member of Brin de Chocolat dance company since 2013. Committed to perfecting her craft, she has participated in a number of professional training programmes and is currently enrolled in a modern jazz course at the École de Danse de Souza in Lomé. “Du geste à la danse. Le danseur interprète” is the first module in a 3-part professional training program offered at the École des Sables. Focused on the development of interpretive dancers, the workshops provided the 20-25 participants (all aged between 18 and 25) with the tools necessary to develop their interpretation, improvisation and choreography skills.
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