Art Moves Africa: the Mobility Fund of Artists & Cultural Operators within Africa

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Emeka Okereke (photographer)

Excerpt of the report: 

As the main aim of the project is to tackle misconceptions, stereotypes and dogmas surrounding the knowledge of life in Africa, it was indeed gratifying to experience Tchad, Sudan and Addis Ababa in a different light. To use Khartoum, Sudan as an example, what we experienced was far from what we know about Sudan in the media. Besides the fact that the people are warm-hearted and hospitable, thereby making out working and networking experience there the most successful of all the cities we visited, we met a vibrant art scene with a photography group made up of 3000 photographers - men and women alike, all coming together to further develop through art and photography. By meeting these groups of photographers, we have created a link between Sudan, Nigeria, and Ghana. In all of the countries we visited, there is a common denomnator: the zeal and passion of this generation to join minds together in working for the benefit of all in the continent. We sense this in form of a defiant energy - that which refuses to be bridgled by existing norms.

Lagos, Nigeria
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mobility project: 
To take part in the Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Road Trip Project, which assembled seven photographers and writers together on a road trip journey from Lagos to Addis Ababa. The aim of the project is to address issues relating to the limitations posed by borders within the countries of the African continent. During the trip, the artists created photographic and textual works, while networking with colleagues and local people met in each country on their route.
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