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Katherine Bull (visual artist)

Excerpt of the report: 

The Dwayer International Workshop for Women took place in Alexandria from the 25th of January to 7th February. The workshop was held in the gallery spce of the Atelier Alexandria and began with two days of presentations by the 26 participating visual artists. The presentations were followed by a week and a half of working on our creative projects, collaborating with other participants and exploring some of the cultural sites in Alexandria and Cairo. The workshop ended with a public exhibition of the works produced in the workshop. The aim of the workshop was to foster cultural collaboration and exchange.

A highlight of the workshop was the opportunity to meet the participating artists and to engage in a dialogue with them socially and formally through my creative project datacapture: in the field III. My project involved creating digital portraits of all the participants, from whom I received a good response. I also found it valuable to experience how other artists work through their ideas and was inspired by artists who responded directly to the context of the workshop and the city of Alexandria.

Cape Town, South Africa
Alexandria, Egypt
Mobility project: 
To participate in the Dwayer’s International Workshop for Women, an international women’s workshop organized by Reem Hassan from the Atelier of Alexandria studios.
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