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Nicolau Cauaneque, Américo Dinis and Terencio Tovela

Excerpt of the report: 

"On the 11th and 12th of December, we all participated in a festival Fusion Africa which took place at Music Crossroads Academy Zimbabwe. We, the Mozambican participants had a 45 minutes’ performance where we perfomed various Marrabenta classics. We also had the opportunity to play with Dudu Manhenga who sang the popular Fanny Mfumos song, Avhassaty. We also had one of the trainers William Ramsay playing with us the famous Motherland by Jmmy Dludlu. We also had Blessings from Zimbabwe on drums and Sandersonplaying ten bass guitar.

We are grateful once again for the opportunity we had to attend the training campus. We managed to share our challenges and work on our weak points. We were happy that we were introduced to transcription and the second semester curriculum for the main instrument. Sincere thanks also go to AMA who funded our travel to and from Zimbabwe. We truly appreciate and encourage you to continue to support the arts and culture sector."

Maputo, Mozambique
Harare, Zimbabwe
Mobility project: 
Maputo-based music educators and AMA grantees Nicolau Napure Feliciano Cauaneque, Americo da Conceição Dinis and Terencio Alberto Tovele travelled to Harare, Zimbabwe to participate in the music education workshops of the Teacher Training Campus organized by the Global Music Academy (December 1-14, 2015).
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