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Grantee on the road: Amany El-Sawy

Alexandria-based AMA grantee Amany El-Sawy travels to Cape Town today to participate in the Women Playwrights International Conference (June 28-July 3).

Amany El-Sawy is a lecturer in the English department at the Faculty of Education of Alexandria University. Her field of specialization is contemporary British theatre. While her career has to date been focused on academic pursuits within the field of literary and theatre studies, she has recently turned to playwriting. Her first play, titled The Sun, deals with notions of displacement and the sense of being “out of place.”

Ms. El-Sawy will present The Sun at the Women Playwrights International (WPI) conference, an event that will bring together women playwrights and associated theatre artists, cultural workers and scholars for four days of performances, readings, workshops and discussions. The conference has been hosted every three years at different locations in the world since WPI’s founding in 1988. The four themes for the 2015 conference are: “Beyond Words”; “In Other Words”; “Choice of Words”; and “Our Own Words.”

AMA wishes Amany all the best for her travels and her presentation!


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