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Grantee on the road: Edith Weutonga Katiji

Edith Weutonga returns today from Bagamoyo, Tanzania to Harare, Zimbabwe. She was in Bagamoyo from October 23 to October 30 to participate in the Bagamoyo International Festival of Arts and Culture.

Edith WeUtonga Katiji is a cutting-edge bassist, singer and songwriter based in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is the band leader of Utonga. “Utonga” is the Shona word for “Dawn”: a word that expresses the fresh and hopeful outlook that Edith likes to exude with her music. Edith is interested in themes to do with human rights, children’s welfare, political and social imbalances. She believes artists play a huge role in the dissemination of information.

The Bagamoyo International Festival of Arts and Culture is a festival that aims to promote cultural exchange amongst local and international artists, and foster cohesion around creativity. This year’s edition was expected to attract a total audience of 60,000. Edith was able to share her music and aspirations to new audiences and open up new possibilities for collaboration.

We wish Edith a safe return to Harare!

(Photo credit : Bagamoyo International Festival of Arts and Culture)

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