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Grantee on the road: Mohamed Kourouma (aka Franco Man)

Mauritanian rap artist Mohamed Kourouma (aka Franco Man) is currently in Casablanca for the urban music festival L’BOULEVARD (September 11-20, 2015).

A socially engaged rapper, Mohamed Kourouma uses his microphone to spread messages of unity and peace and to denounce the various forms of ethnic and racial discrimination that run rampant in his home country. He seeks to use his voice, his technique and his flow in the name of all oppressed peoples from Mauritania and beyond.

L’BOULEVARD is a festival devoted to the development of the Moroccan urban music scene. Since its launch, it has served as a springboard for the careers of several groups who have gone on to become pioneers in the scene, both within Morocco and internationally. M. Kourouma is invited to Casablanca as part of the 3rd edition of Project JOKKO, a residency that gathers Senegalese, Mauritanian and Moroccan artists over the course of the festival. Launched in 2014 by urban music festivals FESTA 2H (Dakar), ASSALAMALKOUM (Nouakchott) and L’BOULEVARD itself, it is designed to allow artists to work further on previously started pieces, to work on their performance skills and to strengthen their creative spirit and connection. AMA wishes Mohamed a fruitful stay in Casablanca!

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