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Grantee on the road: Ouafa Belgacem

Ouafa Belgacem, resource mobilization expert and AMA grantee, travelled from Tunis, Tunisia to Tripoli, Libya, in order to complete a networking and scoping mission hosted by the WaraQ Art Foundation between February 15 and 18.

A researcher and expert in resource mobilization and management, Ouafa Belgacem has extensive experience in the MENA, Africa and Asia. She has collaborated with Oxfam, SNV, the European Commission, UNESCO and a number of intergovernmental organizations on capacity-building and fundraising for the arts and culture sector. She is the founder and CEO of Cultural Funding Watch, a social enterprise dedicated to sharing information on funding opportunities for art and cultural professionals in the MENA; building capacities toward sustainable financing for the arts and culture sector; and advocacy.

In Tripoli, Ouafa completed a networking mission as a means of gaining a better understanding of Libyan artists’ and organizations’ needs in matters of resources and partnerships. Ouafa also organized a talk on matters related to resource mobilization. She was hosted by the WaraQ Art Foundation, a Tripoli-based NGO and art space whose aim is to create a sustainable environment for the development of arts and culture in Libya.

We are proud to have supported Ouafa’s trip and wish her much success for her future projects!

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