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Grantees on the road: Collective Afreekyama

Today, the members of Collective Afreekyama (Lehchili Mostepha Amine, Labib Benslama, Hamza Oualid) travel from Algiers, Algeria to Accra, Ghana for a month-long stay during which they will be exploring the local music scene and creating fusion music with Ghanaian musicians.

Collective Afreekyama is a multimedia collaborative platform of musicians, journalists, filmmakers, photographers and visual artists whose mission is to resuscitate the African dimension of the Maghreb’s identity. Through grassroots photojournalistic and artistic work targeting African and international audiences, they aim to break down the division between “Sub-Saharan” and “North” Africa.

In Accra, Collective Afreekyama will have an invaluable opportunity to connect with West African musicians in one of the region’s major centres for music production. They aim to produce fusion music with High-Life and Afro-Beat artists in particular, through exploratory trips within the capital and outside as well. They will document their experiences and creations in several short films, which they will subsequently share with other Algerian and North African artists as a means of strengthening the links between the two regions.

We wish the members of Collective Afreekyama safe travels and all the best for their exciting project!

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