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Grantees on the road: Peter Churu and Tendai Tshakisani Makavani

Today, AMA grantees Peter Churu and Tendai Tshakisani Makavani are travelling from Harare, Zimbabwe, to Gaborone, Botswana on behalf of Complete Arts Project (CAP) for a meeting with Gao Lemmenyane of Maitsitong Theatre. They will be developing a collaboration platform in preparation for the Women and Democracy / Theatre for Development project that will be hosted by CAP in Harare in February 2015.

Complete Arts Project is an arts promotion, creation and presentation organization based in Harare. Founded in 2007, its aim is to create artistic experiences that positively impact both the audience and the artist. So far, CAP has produced several theatre productions, including Athol Fugard’s Blood Knot, Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, and several plays by Peter Churu (Bitter Sweet Rhapsody Number One, Beauty and the Ugly, Opus Mystic Ngoda). All of the productions speak to the human condition and humans' struggles to make sense of their environment. The vision of Complete Arts Project is to create an environment for young creatives to thrive while positively impacting the world they live in. Mr. Churu, an actor, director, playwright and cultural manager, is the founder and Artistic Director of CAP. Tendai Makavani Tshakisani is a writer and the Board Chairperson of CAP.

CAP's Women and Democracy is a theatre for development project that seeks to explore the gaps created by patriarchal rule, how this has affected households, communities and nations. Involving 5 countries in the SADC region (Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe), the project endeavours to ignite a conversation that will suggest a possible roadmap to women empowerment and ultimately an egalitarian society where everyone can achieve their full potential.

The meeting with Maitsitong Theatre will create a platform for Zimbabwe and Botswana to create synergies that crystallize performance theatre whilst opening real contact and connection amongst citizens of the region. It is also intended to create permanent links between artists in the two countries for future collaboration.

AMA wishes Mr. Churu and Ms. Makavani all the best for their travels!


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