Mobility fund of artists and cultural operators within the African continent

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Grantee on the road: Lanoi Maloiy

Lanoi Maloiy, cultural researcher and AMA grantee, travelled from Nairobi (Kenya) to Johannesburg (South Africa) from December 10 to 15 to conduct research on museum management in five museums and cultural centres.

Lanoi Maloiy is an experienced researcher specializing in issues of women in politics, media, education, social justice and cultural policy. Since May 2018, she has worked as a member of the Kajiado County Culture taskforce, a six-person team working to document and protect Maasai cultural heritage in Kenya. The taskforce is currently preparing for the creation of a museum, cultural resource centre and art centre.

In Johannesburg and Pretoria, Lanoi’s goal was to conduct research on museum management and best practices for the acquisition, preservation and presentation of cultural artefacts. She visited the Ditsong Cultural Museum, the Natural History Museum, Freedom Park, the Pretoria Art Museum and Melrose House.

We are proud to have supported Lanoi’s trip and look forward to hearing news of the taskforce’s accomplishments!

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