Art Moves Africa: the Mobility Fund of Artists & Cultural Operators within Africa

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Conference / meeting / symposium


Today, AMA grantee Rocca Gutteridge is travelling from Kampala, Uganda, to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, to conduct research on the Nafasi Art Space, explore the Tanzanian art scene, and deliver information on the Ugandan scene.


Thanks to the Art Moves Africa program, I was able to participate in the 50th Annual Conference of FIRT organised this year by the University of Stellenbosch between 10 and 14 July. My presentation entitled "Fields of Silence in Moroccan Performance Studies Emerging Sites of Hybridity" focussed mainly on the transpossition of indigenous performance genres such as al-halqa and l-bsat in Moroccan postcolonial theatre since the 1960s. The implication of such negotiation is the production of a third theatrical space that is liminal and hybrid through and through.


Today, AMA grantees Dounia Benslimane (Morocco) and Gugu Dlamini (Swaziland) are travelling to Dakar to attend the Arterial Network’s conference on Creative Economy, which will take place from 14 to 16 November.



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